Indian Logistics Industry Never Rests

Logistics Industry has survived the deadly virus by keeping its wheel moving. Though the situations have taken turns and introduced twists, Indian Logistics found the way through and is continuing to do the same.

Logistics have been serving and supplying the country amidst this noxious wave of Covid-19. Our industry has been committed to the market eternally at the front as well as at the backhand. There has been a giant effect on Logistics and chains. It has resulted in great loss and massive disrupt with the rise of percentage in stuck shipments by 9% and stuck delays by 21%. 

 Not only it has faced the loss but came back stronger with a motive to keep ongoing.

Difficulties Introduced

  • According to a report from BusinessLine, over 20 percent of the trucks were stuck on the road across the country.
  • The sudden standstill of the country resulted in absence of drivers and field workers. This was worse because the essential commodities supply was almost double due to panic buying.
  • With the fears in minds of people, several societies banned access to the delivery agents, which resulted in a noticeable decrease in delivery percentage.
  • Amidst the lockdown, sea and air freight have suffered losses as maximum transportation was through trucking.
  • The factories have shut down and several businesses have been barred which has affected the Logistics Business way too hard.
  • With all activities coming to a halt, warehouses expenses of maintenance, equipment, and laborers have to done by the own business.
  • Inefficiencies are ultimately however carried away to the customers.

These are some of the many difficulties faced by the industry during this period. Logistics have lost efficiency and are facing tougher to-do jobs to return to normalcy, none of which has been easy.
Although after getting hit harshly, the industry has not fallen apart. The wheels are still moving and will continue to run.

Rising through Challenges

  • Post the lockdown the traffic may stack up at terminals, delays are to be faced. Each Logistic business must be aware of the upcoming delays and plan accordingly. This will create a hassle-free and efficient return.
  • Compilation of transport services will help in faster results and delivery.
  • After Covid-19 Global Logistics will face high demand, the resources should be well planned.
  • Modern methodology and maximum use of technologies will be a transformation to a more advanced industry.
  • With no assurance of the elimination of the virus, proper hygiene and sanitation of drivers, field workers, loaders-unloaders is to be taken care of at the most.

With healthy human resources, India will fight and the industry will serve the country tirelessly. It is continuously supplying the essential goods and the workers are working effortlessly at the front to keep the Indian market going. Logistic power with its on-field labor is proving to be a boon in the current crisis.

You need to stay safe, to supply safe.

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