To maintain a global connection, Air Freight is the fuel to the business. It drives the Logistics to maximum connectivity with great heights. When it comes to building a link between millions of kilometers, air freight plays a key role.

However, the Covid-19 global outbreak came like a bolt of tough lightning in between the flight of the air service. A challenge that was never imagined before and what nobody was prepared for. It did a lot to damage the Air Cargo and Logistics Industry, which took some time but was overcome eventually.
With the world still fighting the deadly virus, lives have come to normalcy, and industries are also resumed with extra measures.

This article discusses the challenges faced by Air Freight, the overcoming, and the future.

Virus Strike Outcome

Due to this global crisis, Air Freight all over the world is being suffered. According to a report, global air cargo capacity has gone down by 35 percent. When the world was under lockdown, air transport faces a lot of restrictions across different parts of the globe.

In airlines, working at 5% and for essential commodities, it has faced delays in space confirmations and booking responses. The delays have affected efficiency and outcomes.

Indian airports are encumbered with growing stock heaps of the consignments. Due to strict monitoring and guidelines, the rate of clearance of the consignments has been slower that leads to the above problem. Also, custom brokers and freight forwarders are reporting is fewer numbers which are deepening the existing problem.

There has been a rising number of freighter cancellations due to limited manpower. The cancellations have resulted in losses and hindered the system.

Overcoming and rising stronger  

Air Freight is rising all over the challenges and coming back even stronger. Despite facing all the challenges, it never stopped the flight and continue to fly cutting out through the lightening.

Being the fastest shipping method of all times, it played and will continue to play the most immediate and important role in Logistics.

Air Freight is the fastest method to maintain the supply for increasing demands of medicines, pharmaceuticals, and essential goods in the country. The country stayed sane and sufficient during the critical situation due to the same.

India’s cargo congestion at the airport is easing as the country resumes to the regularity of living.
Essential goods, pharmaceuticals, and medical shipments are moving smoothly without delays.
Workers are giving their all to provide ease to the citizens during the pandemic.
In absence of trucking services and drivers, air freight always finds the center and is looked upon for quick deliveries.

Future of Air Logistics

Handling the impact of Covid-19 on the industry will be a little difficult and would take a certain time, it would primarily remain the ‘go-to’ mode for all the deliveries. With an increase in automation and technology in near future, the country will see a rise in air-freight for a better cause.

A better and modern methodology is awaiting shortly to achieve the maximum possible efficiency.Also, it proves to be a safe method with the current situation of virus going on. Hygiene and safety are what concerned the most and this mode has always maintained the benchmark for the same.

This pandemic may have brought a thunder between the flight, but can never manage to crash the same. Air Logistics remains one of the strongest pillars of the Logistics Industry.

Air Freight Services by Transcom Logistics

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