After almost 1.5 months of nation-wide lockdown, India is getting back to reopen the economy with the virus still prevailing. In the past weeks, the country’s economy has suffered extensive dysfunctionality. We have seen it has just functioned from 49-57 percent of its total activity. It has become quite clear that coronavirus cannot be erased until the next few months. Hence, the economy has to be managed parallely along with the pandemic.

The way businesses and organizations resume the activities will be an important factor to determine a safe future and economy. The effectiveness of lockdown has to be managed without any change to continue even further. Restarting and further maintaining the economy, therefore, comes at a cost.
With logistics and supply chain restarting activities apart from necessary goods, some issues remain present although waning. The cycle of demand and supply chain of the country will take some time to resume completely.

Looking forward to the near future, the following deliberations may be suited for the market.

Looking forward to the near future, the following deliberations may be suited for the market.
With no guaranteed elimination of the virus, certain areas of the country are still affected severely and the lockdown persists there. Since there are quite many interlinks across the whole county, economic activity may be resumed in one part but not in another. This may obstruct the supply-demand cycle. Hence, the targeted safety rails are to adjusted gradually and naturally. This will be solved bit-by-bit along with the evolution over the years.

Red zones are important sector of Production
Red zones are referred to as virus-contaminated areas at high risk. The 130 districts classified as ‘red zone’ in the past month by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have many significant cities in the area of production as well as consumption. They contribute around 41% of economic activity for the nation. They are centres of mass production of the country. With a high rate of infection rates, operating the commerce without further risks is a baffling task.

Managing Exports
Managing exports seems to be a critical problem after reopening. The scarcity of containers and a shortage of labourers in certain parts is creating a lot of havoc at the port. Due to the same, shipments are delayed and issues are being faced. We are proceeding with certain difficulties towards normalcy. With this much in line, it will take few weeks to execute the activities how they were, and also, we will soon come out of labour shortage as the company continued to pay the contract labourers during the lockdown.

Ttanscom logistics-Exports

Implication Challenges
The government has permitted to resume all the activities across the whole nation, the main challenge includes health and prevention from the disease. We are observing daily updates on the number of cases in every part of the country and it has become a mandatory measure to examine the health of each worker.

It has become an obligation and a necessity to follow the government guidelines to stay safe. The guidelines may amend frequently according to the needs in the country. It is the work of businesses and organizations to keep themselves updated and check-in for the health of all their workers on and off the field

Necessary guidelines are to be followed to ensure safety Transcom logistics
Necessary guidelines are to be followed to ensure safety

Transcom Logistics: Serving all your needs all ever the globe

Transcom Logistics has resumed all the activities and services after the lockdown. We are catering to all import and export orders. We are working with full efficiency with all the required resources. Working with technology has helped us and you both to work at a great pace with no delay. We are assuring you safe and quick travel for all your consignments. With all the challenges kept in mind, we have maintained all our labors and resources to ease the work and attain maximum efficiency.
We at Transcom Logistics work safely, following all the guidelines. We have our routine health check-up for all our workers to avoid any consequence. The health of our workers and customers matters the most to us, hence, our technology-enabled working process ensures the same.

We are carrying your trust along with your consignment

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