About Us

Transcom Logistics is a growing Logistic chain with the motto of serving the best to customers. We are here to associate distinct global regions together through our services, with maximum efficiency and minimal error. With the modern methodology, we look forward to shape up a better and a clear Logistic world.


Our vision is to link variant parts of globe together through our committed supply chains and innovated logistic solutions. We see our future ahead as a world driven by our logistic approach and methodology with maximum competency and utmost error eradication.

Our Mission

Our mission is provide the best optimal direction for the inventory keeping the customer’s need as the top priority. It includes providing effectual, cost-efficient, innovative services making it best possible through our latest working technologies.

Why us?

We as an organisation provide 100 percent transparency to the customers. In every step of your consignment transportation, you are provided with each major and minute details without fail. We are always here to answer any uncertainties of the customer.

Our Logistic chain is serving the customer at Global level. We look forward to exports and imports to/from any region and execute it with maximum simplified and innovative approach. We have our partners in India as well as abroad to ease every transportation of the customer.

As a part of Logistics, we look forward to a long term relationship with our customers by providing them the best of our service. We have aur new turned in customers as our existing ones and we expect the same for each one of them. To ensure our long lasting relationship, we ensure you the best experience.

We are working on all present day technologies and offer a perfectly innovative and an optimum solution for your transportation. We find better ways through new methodologies for your best work.

We offer a real time tracking service and guarantee a safe transport, hence being a very reliable platform. We ensure you end to end delivery with our honest work while carrying your trust and giving you the most satisfactory result.

We ensure you Timely Delivery of your products with a 100 percent guarantee. We have our teams with experienced individuals at every level to provide you the best and timely service. To us, your time matters the most.

Our Customers


Below some points for your reference:
As per the policy of the company, Transcom Logistics does not provide or finalize rates and orders on company’s letter head or neither communicate through whats app and/or any other informal mode of communication (Including but not limited to verbal / tele communication). Any deal or order shall be considered or finalized only through official email id of the Transcom Logistics (Example abcd@transcomlogistics.in).

Transcom Logistics will never ask for and does not accept any payment through Paytm Or Google Pay and/or any other payment wallets. Please do not make any advance payment via these payment methods.

Transcom Logistics advises its users to ask for copy of cancelled cheque to verify the account details of the company before making any payment via NEFT / RTGS for advance payments.

You may call and mail us on our official Email and Phone no.(mentioned on website).