Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country, people, economy and industries have suffered and are continuously facing the miseries of the same. Logistics, Supply chain industries have been fighting against the challenges across many fronts. This article discusses the impact of this pandemic on Logistics Industry. As a country with a population of 1.3 billion, this sector plays a crucial role in serving people amidst the whole country lockdown. Currently people are trying to stay inside to fight the deadly virus and the Logistic Industries are doing all possible measures to keep the supply chain going especially for all the essential commodities. 


In the critical times of this crisis, although being on the front and serving, Logistics Industry is facing huge problems in transportation and efficiency. It is even facing heavy losses and is going through massive disruption. There is scarcity in number of field workers and drivers. Shut down of large number of factories and barred businesses have left the wheels derailed. Meanwhile, Roadways and Trucking services are less affected with respect to other modes of transportation. However, the concern involves the available driver’s health and safety. Road transport is heavily being used for contant sully of groceries, food and medicines.


According to Retailers Association of India (RAI), supply chains of 25k-30k supermarkets have been badly impacted. The largest source of e-commerce market in the country, i.e. Amazon and Flipkart had suspended the logistic services of their sellers thus creating a great loss and hustle. 

Pranshu Kacholia, VP Business, ClickPost, said that, since the outbreak, Industry has seen a rise of percentage in stuck shipments by 9% and stuck delays by 21%. 

The reality of the industry is that currently, it does not lie in a good condition. According to Capt. Deepak Tewari, Chairman, CSLA: In concern with Shipping lines, volume globally has gone down by around 15 percent and is expected to go down even further. In the country, 43 blank sailings have been there between 22nd March, 2020 and 22nd April,2020. 

Capt. Sandeep Mehta, President – Business Development, APSEZ stated that due to the need of maintain social distancing, performance of ports is having certain limitations. 

According to Arun Singh, Chief Economist at Dun and Bradstreet, India, the entire supply chain,i.e. from warehouse to end users, is severely and massively affected.


This situation and crisis have made us practice digital even in this sector of the society. The desk and office workers are doing fine and satisfactory jobs. It is a new learning for small physical jobs.  However, the field and machine works are done by labourers coming on the frontline. 


We have already seen how the virus hit the industry, but sooner or later the work is to be resumed and wheels of the industries are to be on the rails again. As the globe again returns to normalcy, there will be a sudden increasing demand and the supply chains and logistics have to be prepared with sufficient resources to meet the demands efficiently. A transformation with technological advancements has to be taken place. Modern methodologies should be taken into consideration to meet the needs in small interval of time.  

With increasing number of cases in the country, proper hygiene, sanitation and proper health norms should be practiced to avoid sliding down further. With all the necessities taken into action, Logistic Industry is not far to come back to normality of life.

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